Bodallin Motor Museum 2013

Photos by Darren Isaac

The club had a joint run with the Charger Club of WA to John Ivey's Bodallin Motor Museum in Guilderton on Sunday the 25th of August 2013. Wet weather didn't help with attendance on the day with only two Ramblers braving the elements, others choose to drive lesser vehicles claiming their Ramblers leaked in the rain. Having the guys and girls from the Charger Club along helped to make up the numbers.

The was a bit of shelter for a BBQ lunch and of course plenty to see inside the museum. John has a great collection of everything associated with the Rambler name including plenty of older Hudson and Nash vehicles. He also has a couple of Austins in the collection along with some holdens and other makes in a separate shed.

In addition to the cars, there is a hugh range of associated memoribilia and a collection of vintage radios to add to the interest. It's always a pleasure to visit the museum and I'm sure we all look forward to the next opportunity to have a look around.

Here are some pictures from the day.

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